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A beautiful rug can transform a room, providing a sense of place and a feeling of luxury, grandeur, sophistication or warmth.

Whatever it is you want to feel in that room, the perfect rug can take you there.

Unfortunately, your rug will fade over time, but we can help to bring it back. If you’ve invested in quality and craftsmanship
to begin with, why wouldn’t you use professional rug cleaning services in Sydney?

Rug Cleaning Sydney

Whatever kind of rug you have, we can help! Listed below are some of the rugs that we specialise in. They’re hand made with only the finest fibres, and they’ll return to their former glory with the tender love and care from our devoted rug care specialists.

Persian Rug Cleaning Experts

Persian Rug Cleaning

Persian Rugs have been hand made for over 2,500 years, with the techniques and skills being handed down over generations. Every single one is unique, and, if cared for properly, will also be handed down over the generations. Not if you do a Persian Rug wash yourself, however – you need to use a professional rug cleaning service now and again, before you can put it in your will!

Oriental Rug Cleaning services

Oriental Rug Cleaning

An Oriental Rug can be made from a range of fabrics, including silk, wool or cotton, and come from an area stretching from Morocco to Northern India. The one thing they have in common, however, is that they are all hand-made, meaningful and represent the dominant culture or faith of where they’re woven. As above, however, don’t do an Oriental Rug wash yourself. You could end up damaging it.

Designer Rug Cleaning specialists

Designer Rug Cleaning

Less traditional but refined nonetheless, many of the more modern designer rugs around today have also been designed to last, but only if (yes, you guessed it!) you use a professional rug cleaning service, like ours. Many designer rugs are made with wool, and professional wool rug cleaning just happens to be a speciality of ours, too.

Rug Cleaning Sydney – The Process

We can do this in your home, or we’ll remove the rug and take it to our Rug & Fabric Care HQ, where we can give it a more thorough treatment.
The choice is yours.


First, we’ll examine the rug in detail or, if you send photos, we can assess remotely. We’ll be looking at the type and quality of the fibres, along with the composition and any marks or soiling that has occurred over the years. If there is any damage to the rug, we can often address that during the process as well. With all this information in hand, we can determine which of the following steps are required to bring your rug back to perfection.


The main washing stage is a two-step process, as outlined below.

- Dry Soil Removal

Using an industrial vacuum and a pile lifting device, we’ll remove the dust and debris that has been ground into your rug over the years. If the rug cleaning takes place at our HQ, we can also use a highly effective dusting machine. You’ll be surprised, and possibly horrified, at the amount of dirt we can remove in this way.

- Rug Washing

Next, we’ll develop an approach that suits the fibre and composition of your rug, which may include proprietary washing formulas, soaking or low moisture cleaning – whichever will do the job properly without causing any damage. If the rug cleaning is taking place in your home, we’re more limited in our choice, but we can still deliver an excellent result with steam cleaning, low moisture cleaning or dry rug cleaning.

Please note – if your rug needs to be decontaminated because of sewerage or animal urine damage, to address it effectively, it will need to be taken offsite in our custom built facility.


After it is all clean, we will rinse off the soap and put your spotless rug into a controlled speed drying machine. Final hand spotting and fringe cleaning will be carefully addressed if required. We will then use a pile lifting brush to make all the fibres stand to attention, and a final buff can help your rug look as if it has just come out of the showroom.


Now that your rug is immaculate and the colours are vibrant again, we can treat your rug with a protective spray, such as Fiber ProTector or MicroSeal, to ensure it stays that way for as long as possible.

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