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Safe, effective and long lasting protection.

Once we’ve cleaned your rug, sofa, leather or upholstery, we can finish it off with a protective coating. That means that we won’t have to see you again too soon.

Not a great business model, to be honest… but it does mean a great result for you!

We’ve searched the market and discovered two products that stand way above the rest in terms of the protection they offer to you, your furniture, and to the environment.

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Fabric Protection Service

Whether it’s Fiber ProTector or MicroSeal, we’ll select the most appropriate fabric and upholstery protector and get to work. We’ll open the windows for ventilation and then spray directly onto the item. The dry time and full-cure time will be dependent on the protective product best suited to your fabric furnishings, so you may need to wait a short period of time before using your item again.

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Sofa Service

Our sofa fabric protection service is probably the most requested of all. The place where you sit and relax after a hard day’s work, or where the kids seem to leave the most dirt, deserves to be looked after and cared for.

Both Fiber ProTector and MicroSeal are highly effective as sofa protectors, and the product picked for you by our technicians will be dependent on the material of your sofa. Regardless of the product chosen, our professional sofa fabric protection service will help keep off the stains and general grime that accumulates over time.

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Rug Protection

Rugs take a health beating over the years, and our rug protection service is in high demand. We can protect persian, oriental, and designer rugs – any kind of rug at all, actually! Even as a delicate wool rug protector, MicroSeal or Fibre Protector can do the job.

Fabric Protection Service

Fiber ProTector

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‘Fiber ProTector’ is an ordinary name for an extraordinary product. Not only will it protect your furniture from stains (including nasty oil-based spills), it will also reduce any wear and tear and improve the air quality in the room. It also protects against UV sun-fading and even prevents the spread of unwanted bacteria and germs.

IMO-certified by Veritas, Fiber ProTector has been tested by independent research organisation Sintef, Dunlop Precision Instruments, and the Norwegian Institute of Technology.

Fabric Protection Service


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Even as the most environmentally friendly fabric protector around, MicroSeal still gets the job done like nothing else. Unlike many fabric protectors, which only provide a coating, MicroSeal will actually penetrate the fibres to their inner cortex. This helps all kinds of leathers and textiles to resist stains, sun fade, wear, mould, and mildew.

It is a non-toxic, non-allergenic fabric protection, and it could be just what you need.

We’ll select the most appropriate fabric protector for you when the time comes, depending on the material, location, and use of your item. Both, however, do an incredible job of extending the life of your fabric.

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