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Leather Cleaning


A sumptuous leather sofa makes you feel at home instantly.
That gentle creak as you sink into its weathered embrace, and the subtle woody scent that envelopes you.
Luxurious, earthy, and grounding.

But not if it stinks, and you stick to it.

That’s when you need a leather sofa cleaning company, like us.

We’re based in Sydney, but our leather care specialists can come to you, providing leather sofa cleaning services in
Sydney, Newcastle, and Canberra, along with a range of other leather care services.

professional leather sofa cleaning services

Leather Care Services

Leather is a skin, so it needs to be cared for if you want it to last. In fact, a team of archaeologists recently discovered a 5,500 year old leather shoe that was still in remarkable condition. Now, we’re not saying we can extend the life of your furniture for quite that long, but with the right leather care services, you never know!
We have our own conditioners and special processes that can keep your leather pliable, absorbent, and in fine condition for as long as you need.

Leather Sofa Cleaning

Your sofa is probably the most important piece of furniture in your home, and, like your home, it needs maintenance too. Leather sofa maintenance begins, as it does with any sofa, with removing and plumping the cushions every now and again to hold their shape. The fact you can also easily wipe off any spills is one of the benefits of a leather sofa, too. Professional leather sofa cleaning, however, goes deeper than just removing grime and stains. It actually conditions and protects the leather against further damage or deterioration.

Leather Care – The Process


First, we’ll examine the leather furniture in detail, checking the finish and looking for any marks or soiling that inevitably happen over time. If there is any damage, we can often address it during this process, too. After a thorough inspection, we will determine what leather care services will be required.


The main washing stage is a two-step process, as outlined below.

- Dry Soil Removal

Next, we will remove the embedded dust and debris using horsehair brush vacuum heads and turbo upholstery heads, and we will also get into all of the gaps with a professional crevasse tool.

- Leather Cleaning

Then, we can properly wash the leather with our proprietary formulation and high-grade Saba solution to deep clean as thoroughly as possible.


Finally, we will apply a conditioner, ensuring your furniture remains supple for years to come. If required, we can give it a balm and a buff to return the real lustre and life to your leather.


If you would like, we can also treat the leather with a layer of protection, such as Fiber ProTector or MicroSeal, to ensure that your leather stays in great condition for as long as possible.

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