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Bringing tender love and care
to rug and fabric care.

When he was growing up, nobody had to tell Adam to clean his room. He was always tidy and looked after his things well. So it was no surprise to anyone when he started The Rug and Fabric Care Company.
Now he has built a rug and upholstery cleaning company full of rug and fabric care specialists who share his passion.
Some may call it obsession, with the search for the ultimate clean.


You can’t put a price on emotion, and, as with many of the items that we clean, the real value lies within the sentimental attachment. Over the years, I’ve seen precious furniture ruined by cleaning companies doing it the wrong way, so I’m now driven to prevent as many people as possible from falling into that trap.

Adam Barber, Founder

Family Business, Professional Service.

rug cleaning specialists

We combine the same care and attention you’d expect from a family business with years of professional cleaning experience to bring you the best service available, full stop.

We work with the latest commercial cleaning equipment, and use the most effective environmentally friendly products, to return the lustre to your leather and the colour to your couch.

Over the years, we’ve even developed a few processes and formulations ourselves, so no other leather care and rug cleaning specialist can look after you as well as we can.

Valued Advice, Guaranteed Appointments.

About The Rug & Fabric Care Company Logo

We know the best way to care for any kind of fabric. Be it leather, cotton, silk or wool, whatever your upholstery or rug is made of, we’ll advise and develop an approach that’s sympathetic to the fibres concerned and delivers the result that you want.

We’re easy to book and we guarantee appointments, so you’re not hanging around waiting for us to turn up on the day. We treat your time with the same respect as we do your furniture, and rugs.

So if you have precious furniture that needs cleaning, need a persian rug washed, or you’re desperate for designer rug cleaning services, then please get in touch!

We bring tender love and care to rug and fabric care, and we’d love to give you a hand.